​​​​​​​​From September through May, the club meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at the library of the Bristol County Agricultural High School located at 135 Center Street, 

Dighton, Massachusetts 02715.

Meetings start at 7 pm and consists of official club business followed by a Topic of Discussion or a Guest Speaker.  June through August monthly meetings are hive opening workshops scheduled throughout Bristol County on a weekend day.

Annual membership dues are $15.00.

​New Members are always Welcome!

Upcoming ​Fairs

The Worcester County Beekeepers Association is hosting an All Day Conference.
 Saturday,  October 7 from 9am to 3:30pm at Quabbin Regional High School in Barre, MA.  
Speakers will be Dr. Eric Mussen from the University of California, Davis, and Dr. Jennifer Tsuruda from Clemson University who will be presenting on:

*Nutritional Needs in the Honeybee Colony                            *The Future of Bees in Sustainable and/or Organic Crop Production
                          *Behavioral Resistance to Varroa Mites                                        *The Foraging Behavior and Other Behaviors of Honeybees Within the Colony

Cost is $10 for non-members, free for members (membership is available at the door for $15).   Learn more at: www.worcestercountybeekeepers.com

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​Swarm Season is Here!

Bristol County Beekeepers Association's mission is to educate the public on the importance of honeybees and native pollinators. If there is an event that your organization would like the BrCBA to be a part of, please email us. We are always looking events to attend.

Do you have an interest in sharing your bee knowledge by talking to people about honey bees?  Would you like to volunteer your time assisting at an exciting fair we attend?​

 Please email: fairs@bristolbee.com

We can always use the help!

Upcoming Event: Monthly Club Meeting

When: Tuesday, October  24, 2017,  7:00 pm

Where: Bristol Aggie High School Auditorium

The club will be presenting a video presentation of Samuel Ramsey's talk he gave at our August Beekeepers Seminar.

Sam is a graduate student at the University of Maryland's Bee Lab.  His research is groundbreaking  in terms of what we thought we knew about Varroa destructor. His discovery that Varroa feeds on the honeybee's fat bodies and not their blood will have a major influence on how we treat for mites in the future.  

Is there a honeybee swarm on your property and would like it removed?

Check out our swarm page to learn more about this amazing honeybee behavior and how you can help honeybees and beekeepers.