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Bee school

The Bee School page has just been updated (7/15/14).  Please CLICK on “Bee School” in main menu above.

Bee School will be held in the Fall this year.

2014-15 Bee School will start Tuesday, Sept 2, 2014 .   Arrive by 6:30 for first class to allow time to register.   No need to preregister.  Location:  Library, 2nd floor, of Main Bristol Aggi High School building.

9 comments to Bee school

  • Patty Louro

    Good Morning,
    I am from Somerset and am interested in starting a hive. I came across your website through a search engine. I was wondering if there will be a bee class coming up this winter?

    Thank you,
    Patty Louro

  • Ken Sejkora

    I’m interested in taking the course and ordering bees for 2014. Please add me to the mailing list. Thank you.

    Ken Sejkora

  • admin

    Bee school starts on Feb 4th, 2014. Check the website for time and place. There is a lot of interest this year. Thanks

  • Hi
    I would like to sign up for the bee keeping class.
    I downloaded the form, and wasn’t sure if i should mail it in or just bringit to class. I also ant to confirm that the start date is Tuesday Feb 11.
    Katherine Tracey

  • D. Barton

    I assume this is no longer correct since the website says Feb 11. Can you confirm?

  • admin

    The website is up to date and correct. Bee School starts on Tuesday, Feb 11th. First day please get there early, about 6:30 for registration. Normal start time is 7:00. Thanks

  • admin

    No need to preregister. Just bring the completed for with you on the first day, Feb 11, 6:30pm, Bristol County Aggi high school, Library, 2nd floor.

  • nancy reardon

    Just found your website. Is it too late to sign up for bee school? I see we have missed first session.

  • J. Bozek


    I’m interested in learning how to start my own hive. I live in Taunton.

    I would like to research and buy what I need in 2014 for a 2015 hive. Do you have any future meetings or classes planned, or do any of your members offer a “mentor” type program to assistance & help potential new bee keepers learn the do’s & don’ts?

    Please let me know.

    Thanks J

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